This site is a “work in progress”. I am not 100% sure where it will go, but I do have a lot to say and even more that I want to do. With each passing day, I realize that our days are numbered and our time here on earth is “relatively” short. Because of that, I want to make each day count. Loving life, loving family and friends and being good to “folks”. I’m open to your suggestions, if you have any… in the meantime go and check out my blog and/or some of the articles I’ve written.
-Come back and check me out from time to time as I continue my journey.

‘Give a man a solution and you solve that one issue. Teach a man how to solve problems and you’ve freed him for a lifetime.’ – with apologies to an old Chinese Proverb -








Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them. -Henry David Thoreau

Is your song still in you… dying to come out? We never no how much time we have, so make yours count, whatever you do, don’t lead “no hum drum life!”

1955-2011 Steve Jobs
“Remembering That You Are Going To Die Is The Best Way I Know To Avoid The Trap Of Thinking You Have Something To Lose”.